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Applications include

Cadfil is a complete software solution for the Programming of Computer (NC) controlled Filament winding machines. Whatever your requirements we either have a standard solution or can supply a customised software solution to meet your needs. Follow this link for an overview of the Filament Winding Process and machinery.

Rocket Motor developed using Cadfil
Rocket Motor, developed using Cadfil

Cadfil can work with any type of NC winding machine and is fully user configurable. All Cadfil software operates on standard PC hardware using Windows.

Tee piece, developed using Cadfil
Fully Wound Tee Piece,
generated using Cadfil

Create high performance composites in minimum time using Cadfil.

Established in 1983, Crescent Consultants has been at the forefront of software development in the field of filament winding. Cadfil software is in worldwide use in many leading companies in the field of high performance composites and is the oldest established commercial filament winding package.

We also offer a complete development services for prototype filament wound parts and can provide small or large series production parts at competitive rates for further information follow this link. If you need help with any aspect of filament winding technology then contact us today.