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Cadfil - Advanced filament Winding software for program generation for all type of filament winding machine.

Creating a Joining Path

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This option is selected from the Cadfil Main menu. A joining path is used to wind a single circuit starting at one point ion the mandrel and finishing at a different position. Thus a user could generate a standard winding Pattern to wind a low angle layer on a component. He could then generate a separate pattern for a high angle wind and he could then generate a joining path to allow the machine to automatically wind from the end of the low angle wind to the start of the high angle wind. The wind sequence of patterns is specified in a control file such that the Post-processor can automatically create a complete program for all the layers.

A joining path is created in the same way as a normal fibre path. The user generates a path with two or more hoop points (turning points - as shown below).

Two hoop/turning Points to complete a path

The difference is that when the Payout path is created there is no band pattern, there is only one cycle and the return half of the path is not created. The joining path starts at the first hoop point in the path and finishes at the last hoop point.