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Editing of Mandrel and Envelope X, R Data

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Creating mandrel or envelope data for axisymmetric shapes is done performed using the XR Data Entry Dialogue Box, the features of this dialogue box are described below.

Cadfil Mandrel editor dialog

Point Labels Check Box

If this box is checked numbers are placed on the data points on the mandrel drawing shown below. These numbers match the point numbers in the mandrel or envelope data list. If the Draw Expanded option is checked the additional points are shown so the point numbers may not match the data list

Cadfil Mandrel and clearance envelope

Draw Expanded Check Box

Mandrel or envelope data consists of basic data point and additional points that tie on lines or circular arcs between basic data points if Draw Expanded is checked this additional points are shown on the mandrel/envelope drawing in the graphics window

No Symmetry; X+ End Symmetry; X-end Symmetry; Buttons

These buttons set symmetry options The options are X- END to set a flag to say the mandrel (and envelope) is symmetric about the left hand X data position of the mandrel, X+ END to set symmetry about the right hand end, or NONE (the normal option). Note that for X+ symmetry the envelope must not have points with X values greater than the largest mandrel X position, and for X- symmetry the envelope should not have X co-ordinates less than the smallest mandrel X position.

Mandrel Data; Envelope Data Buttons

When these button are clicked the focus switches from editing Mandrel data to Envelope data. (Or visa versa) and the data in the Text Data List box also switches.

Text Data List Box

This area of the dialog shown in the top picture has 5 entries for each mandrel or envelope as selected with the Mandrel Data/Envelope Data Buttons These are a point number (see Point Labels), and X position, a Radial R position, Extra Points and Fit Radius.

The X & R positions are main data (x, y) points for the mandrel profile. The fit Radius is a circular arc to fit between this point and the next main data point. If this is the last point then the fit radius is ignored. The extra points are a number of X,R data points that are automatically created on the fit radius. If the fit radius is zero the extra points are created on a straight line. If the extra points value is zero then the fit radius is ignored. If fit radius is negative then the radius will be concave rather than convex.

Clicking on a line of data allows the values to be edited via a popup edit box shown below.

Cadfil Mandrel editor line edit dialog

Add Data Button

This option pops up a row of four edit boxes shown above where the user can enter the four values X,R, Additional points and Fit radius. These data are then added to the mandrel or envelope

Delete Data Button

The pops an edit box asking for the data point numbers to delete. The user can enter multiple points e.g. 1 3 5 Would delete points 1 3 and 5. Up to five lines of data can be deleted in one go.

Flip Button

The options turns the mandrel around, for example if this part was a gas cylinder the neck would go from the X+ end to the X- end or visa-versa

Datum Button

This options allows the user to add a value (it may be positive or negative) to all mandrel and envelope positions to move its origin (zero position).

Scale Button

This options allows the user to multiply all values by a scale factor. So for example if the data was entered in inches but mm are required then enter a scale factor of 25.4 and all the values will multiplied by this factor and thus converted. The mandrel should then be saved with the updated data. The scale factor is not saved or retained in any way. Cadfil does not know the actual units used for the mandrel, these are just dimensionless units.  If the units used  for the mandrel do not match the linear units for the winding machine  then conversion (gearing) factors must be specified in the post processor configuration.