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Cadfil - Advanced filament Winding software for program generation for all type of filament winding machine.

Post-Processor Number Formats

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During post-processing many numerical values needs to be output and the format and precision (decimal places) needs to be specified. A list for format entries is shown below.

; Axis motion output formats, F11.2 is a field width of 11 with 2 decimal places e.g.'-1234567.12'IS F11.2
; set all 6 axes even if machine does not have them. n=1,6. This relates to @@POS-n@@, @@SPOS-n@@ and @@AX-INC-n@@ entries.

; Feed rate output format and precision @@FEED@@

; Program name format @@MPF-NAME@@ and @@SPF-NAME@@ either an integer number e.g. 1234 (I4), 0010 (I4.4),
; or a name e.g.'PROG1' (An) - where n is maximum number of characters that controller will allow

; loop counter values for sub-routines @@NO-PASSES@@

; format for fibre tension vales @@TENSION-VALUE-n@@ where n=1,2 or 3

The table below shows some of the format options and how they display numbers in different ways. Formats my produce leading spaces (a space character is show as "^" in the table) but never produce trailing spaces. Real numbers using a format Fw.m have a total width (including an + or - sign and the decimal dot) of w character with m places shown after the dot. If w=0 a minimum width format is used with no leading zeros. The SP prefix adds the "+" symbol with positive numbers. Note that if the global setting $KILL-WHITE-SPACE=1 is used then in the final NC file all multiple blank spaces are reduced to a single space. e.g. "^^^^^" becomes "^".

Output Formats for presenting numbers for Cadfil PostProcessing