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Windows 7 Compatibility

Cadfil Software

Datakey Driver support for Windows 7 is included in Cadfil installation from 7.51 onwards. If installing an older version of Cadfil to Windows 7 please see the Datakey Drivers Page for the latest DK3 drivers which will be required after the main installation.

Compatibility Issue

Program freezes on first running (Win7 x64):

This issues is fully resolved as of Cadfil Version 7.73 (May 2012) using updated library routines from Intel. If you are experiencing this problem go to the Cadfil downloads page and download a software update. A work-around for older Cadfil versions is discussed below.

As of August 2010 there is one reported issue with Windows 7 that affects a limited number of 64 bit systems. The software (pre version 7.63) will run up to the main screen with menus and will then immediately freeze and become inoperative. Cadfil will then have to be shut down using the Windows task manager (or by a full re-boot).

This is not a Cadfil program issue. It is a problem between Windows and the Intel build system. A permanent solution is currently being worked on, however a temporary work-around is:

  1. 1] Before starting Cadfil run the windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del).
  2. 2] From task manager select the 'Processes' Tab
  3. 3] Right click on the process 'taskhost.exe' and select 'end process'.

Cadfil will now run OK. Taskhost.exe will restart the next time Windows is re-started.

Note that one machine known to have this problem has now 'self healed' and now works OK. This may be as a result in Windows updates.

On some machines removing all keyboard layouts other than the one you use (if you have more than one) will fix the problem. You need to go to Region and Language in control panel and remove all but the keyboard you want. This fixed is associated with not using MSCTF.DLL which is hosted by taskhost.exe.

Updated: June 2012