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This menu controls the generation of fibre tracks on the mandrel surface. The program is operated in three ways. There is the Friction Dialog Box, The Fibre Create Menu and the views dialog Box. These are all illustrated below. Through out path generation information is written to the text window, this includes the current path X position (X), mandrel radius (R), winding angle (A), point number (N) and friction status.

Fibre Path Menu Friction / advance dialog View Options Dialog

The Menu has become increasingly redundant as all but a couple of the options can be more readily accessed by the Friction Dialog which is automatically displayed, to access the menu the friction dialog must be closed by clicking the [x] in its top right corner. The menu options above are described below:

Finish & Save discussed on the Friction Dialog Box topic.

Friction/Step Pops the Friction dialog box.

View Option Pops the View Options dialog box for changing the view display

Restart Path exits from the current path (with an option to save it) and allows the start position to be redefined

PATRAN Output. This option allows model data to be output as a PATRAN neutral file containing shell elements. The user is asked for the name of the file to create. The extension '.ptn' is added to the file name entered. This option may not be present as this feature is an additional software licence item.

Finish & Save This exits to the main menu and the user is asked if he wishes to save the fibre path data before exiting. Having saved the fibre the option to proceed to creating the payout path is given.

Action This option advances the fibre path by the current step value with the current friction setting.

Delete This option retreats the fibre path by the current step value with the current friction setting.

View Options This enables the CADFIL views menu to be accessed. This allows the view angle to be changed, output of graphics and other facilities such as ZOOM and PAN. This is described in a later section of this manual. This dialog also allows the user to change how the path is displayed.

Rotate about Axis This option enables the user to rotate the fibre path around the mandrels axis of revolution in the current view. Whenever a new view is selected, any relative X rotation entered using this command is lost, as the display is mandrel and fibre are drawn in the selected view orientation. The system prompts: Enter relative x-axis rotation a value in degrees should be entered. The fibre path will then be redrawn, the original path remaining visible. The value entered here is the motion to move the fibre track from where it is now, to its new position. The can help if the fibre is on the back face of the mandrel.

The objective is to steer the path across the surface of the mandrel to achieve the wind angles and  mandrel coverage required. At any stage the user can change the fiction parameters to help steer the path. If no friction is set then the path will be geodesic, i.e. it will follow the shortest path across the mandrel surface given the current position and direction of travel. Please refer to the examples at in the appendices of this help file.


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Updated: July 2020