Fibre Paths Display Options

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These options determine how the fibre path is displayed in the screen and are accessed from the Display options entry on the Fibre path creation menu. The options are as follows:

Not Shown. Selecting this option will remove all hidden detail from the view requested. The only fibre which is visible on the front of the mandrel will be displayed.

Change colour. Hidden fibre is shown in a different colour

Dashed line. The colour of the fibre is the same as that on the front of the mandrel, but it is drawn in a dashed line (default option)

From C/T Line. The fibre is rotated around the mandrel until the end point is on the mandrel centre line.

Only FibEnds. Markers are shown for the fibre start and end positions (only used for non-axisymmetric systems)

Show as band. The user is asked for a band-width and the path is shown to scale as a band of this width on the mandrel surface.

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Updated: June 2020