Running the NC program

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After the program has been transferred to the FWM it can then be run. Programs are available from CCL to allow the transfer of NC data to and from the FWM via RS-232 serial protocols.

Instructions should be available from the machine builder and the controller manufacturer on the operation of the machine. The payout eye should move to the start position and then stop. The user must then attach the roving(s) to the mandrel. The software assumes that the fibre is pulled at 90 degrees to the winding axis (i.e. is at hoop). The user must ensure that the attachment is consistent with the way the mandrel is about to rotate.

Small errors in the point attachment point do not generally have much effect on the winding pattern as the paths usually adopts the correct path within the first circuit.

When using a new program for the first time extreme caution should be used as errors in the input data could cause the machine to crash. The user should initially set a slow feed-rate and be prepared to stop the machine quickly. CCL cannot accept any liability for failure to follow such advice.

Updated: June 2020