Converting Old mandrel files.

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At version 5 the format of the Cadfil mandrel (.mnd) files fundamentally changed. If a user tries to read a mandrel file from an older version and error such as 'invalid mandrel file header' will be given. It is possible to convert old mandrel data to the latest format using the 'Convert old mandrel' option on the utilities menu. The user is prompted for the mandrel name and then the new mandrel name. By default the new name is the same as the old name and if this is not changed the old mandrel will be replaced.

If the mandrel had an 'Envelope' file this will automatically be converted and added into the mandrel file data. The envelope is part of the mandrel file post in v5 and later versions. If the mandrel had no envelope definition a default definition is created PLEASE CHECK THIS ENVELOPE.

Note that the format of the FIB and payout files also changed as the mandrel surface is now defined using quadrilateral elements rather than triangular elements. There is no conversion facility for fibre path or payout path files. These will have to be re-created.

Updated: June 2020