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An on-line version of this help file can be found on the internet which has the added facility of Google translate which can translate the content into more than 60 different Languages. The on-line help contents can be found at Home Page

CADFIL Help System Contents

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Getting Started

What is Cadfil


What is new?

Software Updates

Stages of program Generation

Licence File Expiry

Cadfil DK2 Network Licence Transfers

Material Database

Cadfil Material Recipes

Cadfil Expression Evaluator

Command Line Options

Mandrel Creation

Overview of Mandrel and Envelope Creation

Mandrel (X,R) Edit

Importing a DXF file

Importing IGES file data

Step file export

Importing STEP file data

Converting Old mandrel files

Fibre Path Creation

Introduction to fibre path generation

Mandrel Meshing for fibre path generation

Winding Trajectories

CADFIL Fibre Path Requirements

Cadfil Example of a FIB path with a symmetric mandrel

Friction & Step Dialog

Views Menu

Creating a Joining Path

Joining Path wizard

Automatic Joining Path

Multiple payout head ring winding

Local Reinforcement using AFP

Payout Path Creation

Introduction to payout path creation

Creation of payout path

Thickness Dialog (Payout Path Creation)

Band pattern selection

Band Pattern With Dwell Winding

Filter length and filter angle

Thickness modifications

Advanced Graphics Window (OpenGL)

3D options dialog menu

Defining the Payout Head geometry for 3D Animation

Step file export

FFMPEG Video Creation Install

Cadfil Simulation with Static Scene added

Generalised/Complex Shapes

Winding generalised shapes using the NCC Dialog

Combining Winding Programs

Control File for creating multi layer wind paths

Increments - Manual input

Post Processing

Introduction to Post Processing

Post-processor configuration (.SM File)

Winding Machine Configuration (SM File) editor

Post Processor Configuration @@LOGICALS@@

Setting axis travel limits in the Cadfil Post-Processor

Twist, Shear and Wrap Angles, TSW

Post Processor Number Formats

The 2 axis post processor

4 axis Post-processor ID's 04,14,24

The 3 and 4 axis post-processors

The 3 axis large eye post processor

The 5 axis post processor options

6 axis post processing

Transfer NC to Winder

Post Processor Input

Post processor input

Entering names of '.PAY' and '.PRG' files

Entering X datum : XDAT

Entering the Payout Eye Length: POLEN

Selection feed rate calculation method

Axis Speed Summary Dialog

NC Part program main and subroutine numbers

Calculation and output of NC part program

Calculation of program start position

Machine offsets and Datums

Running the NC program


QuickCAD (Parametrics) Introduction

Pipe Winding

PipeWinder (Multi-pipe)

Pipe Winding Parameters

Pin plunge Pipewinding

Modelling Pin Rings in the 3D graphics windows

Tapered Pipes

Hoop Winding

Multiple Hoop Winding

Hoop winding using spreadsheet formulae

Batch Parameter File Processing PBATCH

Pipe Reducers

Dome Ended Vessel Parametric

Dome Ended Vessel Parametric

Vessel With End-caps

Vessel With End-caps

Cadfil Vessel Design (Beta)

Thickness increase and mandrel update for Pressure Vessels

Elliptical End-Opening Winding

Elbow Winding

Elbow Parametrics

Elbow parametric data entry

Multi-Bend Pipes/Ducts

Multi-Bend Pipes/Ducts Parameter Descriptions

Tee Winding

Tees - Winding Overview & Mandrel

Tees - Template Path Creation

Tees - Using symmetries

Tees - Parallel Path

Tees - Payout Path

Sphere Winding

Sphere Parametric

Flat Plate Winding

Plate Winding

SPAR Winding

Spar Winding (Prismatic non-round sections)

DXF file for Spar winding

High Angle Winding Parameters

Low Angle Parameters (Flat end with pins)

Spar With Dome End

Spar With Dome end (devt)

Special Cases

Cadfil Truss Winding

Cadfil Rubber Strip Winding

Stress Analysis FEA/FEM Interfaces

Cadfil Finite Element Analysis Interface Module

Cadfil FEA - Setting Material data

Nastran Finite Element Analysis Interface

Importing CADFIL FEM/FEA Data Into the ANSYS Composite Modeller

Importing CADFIL FEM/FEA Data Into the ABAQUS System

FEA Mandrel Import

Cadfil Tube Stress Analysis Overview

Manual: Cadfil Tube Stress Analysis

Pole Design Options

Cadfil Tube Stress Analysis - Drive shaft example

File Convertors

Converting Entec MCL files for a new winding machine

Converting MVP .dat files for a new winding machine

Error Messages

Introduction to error handling

Fatal errors

Non-fatal errors

Cadfil text window

Mandrel generation error messages

Fibre path generation errors

Payout path error messages

Post processor error messages

Config redundancy error message




Appendix A -Cadfil file formats

Configuration files

Payhed.blk file

Fibre path file - '.FIB'

Payout path file-'.PAY'

Thickness data file-'.THK'

Appendix B-Calculations

Useful Calculations

Tow area calculation

Volume fraction mass fraction Conversions

Appendix C - Other Languages

Other Languages


Cadfil Training Videos Introduction

Pipe Winding Example1 - pex01

QuickCAD - CNG Vessel tutorial 01

Import XR Data as Mandrel tutorial 02

QuickCAD - Tapered pole with pin ring tutorial 03

Pipe Winding using Pin -Plunge tutorial 04

Cadfil Axsym symmetrical mandrel tutorial 05

Aluminium Bottle - QuickCAD

Automatic Joining Path

Importing a non-axisymmetric mandrel from STEP using LS PrePost

Updated: 11 July 2024