Entering the Payout Extension(Payout Eye Length: POELEN)

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The user is prompted, ENTER POE EXTENSION in a dialog:

The payout eye length (POELEN) is the length of the tooling that dispense the fibres, on many machines this is an interchangeable component, to see a diagram follow this link. This default value can be accepted or a new value can be entered for the specific payout eye to be used.

A default length can be specified in the SM (winding machine configuration file) using the variable $PAYOUT-EYE-DEFAULT-LEN=75, in this case setting the default to 75mm. If no value is set the default is zero. Note that there is a variable $ASK-FOR-PAYOUT-EYE-LEN that can be set in the machine configuration (.SM) file. If $ASK-FOR-PAYOUT-EYE-LEN=0 then the user is not asked for the POELEN value and the default value it is assumed. The default is to ask ($ASK-FOR-PAYOUT-EYE-LEN=1).

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Updated: July 2020