Fatal errors

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Errors causing the program to terminate should be very rare once the software has been correctly installed. They are described here so that the user can take appropriate action if they occur. When CADFIL is run, an error logging file called CADFIL.LOG is created. Various messages can be written to this data file these can be viewed using a text editor such as Notepad.

If CADFIL terminates unexpectedly in a controlled manner there will be a messages of the type below in the CADFIL.LOG file:



These messages indicate that a set of circumstances within the software has arisen such that the software would be liable to terminate in an uncontrolled manner or to corrupt data within the memory. If such an error occurs, first try to repeat the error again, if the error is repeatable then it will be much easier to isolate the cause of the problem. If the user wishes the problem to be investigated then the best way to proceed is to contact CCL directly.

The software may terminate unexpectedly writing no error messages to the CADFIL.LOG file. This will be due to some circumstance that was unforeseen by the authors of the software. A message generated by Windows or the software compiler may be written to the screen prior to the system crashing. The circumstances leading to the crash should be noted and the error repeated if possible. The user can then contact CCL who will investigate the problem.

Updated: June 2020