CADFIL Fibre Path Requirements

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Since the components that this system deals with are axisymmetric, CADFIL only requires the user to develop one half of a complete fibre circuit  between two hoop position as shown in the diagram below. The hoop positions are the locations where the fibre path turns around. The return half of the fibre circuit is automatically generated in the payout path section.

Two Hoop points are needed to make the pathy repeatable

In order that the system can accurately locate the hoop points at either end of the fibre path, the user is required to generate a minimum of three points following the hoop position. When starting the path, unless the user commenced with a hoop direction winding ( 90o ), it will also be necessary to have a few points prior to the initial hoop point.

An error message  'Last hoop point too close path end, generate 3 more fibre segments' is sometimes given this is because the end of the path is very close to he turning point and it is not possible to accurate determine the exact turning position. To fix this always advance the path a few segments (3 or more) past the end turning position

The following sections outline the methods for attaining specific fibre path characteristics, which may be required.

Updated: 03 November 2020