Tee Piece Winding: Parallel Paths

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In a previous section the creation of a Tee Symmetric reflection path is described. In this section replicate existing paths by creating a parallel paths. The are 1 band width away from the previous path on the mandrel surface. Pick the parallel path option from the Tee Dialog shown below.

Cadfil Tee winding dialog

You will be asked for the name of he .FIB template file. Having selected the  template path that has had symmetries applied to it you will hen have to select the side that the path is when prompted. The parallel path is then s calculated progress is indicated ion the screen. The display should look as below.

Cadfil Tee winding Parallel Path

The path is then saved put the second path can be used to generate a third path in the same way and the third path to create a fourth.

After saving a fibre path you can proceed to the Create Payout Path Option when prompted. Alternative a payout path (.PAY) files can be created from a .FIB file at any time by using the 'Create Payout Path' option from the Cadfil Main menu. The payout path process for Tees is described in following section.

Updated: June 2020