Entering X datum : XDAT

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This value is used to locate the mandrel along the winding axis from the spindle datum point. It is the distance from the spindle datum point, a known position on the winding axis, to the origin of the mandrel. The mandrel origin is the position of the mandrel's zero X co-ordinate (and lies on the mandrel axis) in the mandrel data. It is sensible when entering the mandrel data to specify this zero position at a position that is easily identifiable on the mandrel, so that measurements can be easily made from it directly. It need not be within the mandrel, it could be for example on a shaft fixed to the mandrel. The XDAT value has a sign. This is in the direction of travel of the machine 'X' axis from the spindle datum point to the mandrel origin, i.e.. the machine 'X' motion from the datum point to the mandrel origin. The Units of XDAT must be those used to define the mandrel. See program start position for additional information

Filament Winding machine datum position

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Updated: 29 September 2022