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Mass & Volume Fraction Calc

Convert Mass & Volume Fractions

Use the simple tool above to calculate the Fibre Volume Fraction from the mass fraction or visa versa. If you know the Volume fraction enter the data in the top form and click submit. If you know the Mass fraction fill the bottom form and click submit. Which ever form you use the values will be updated in the other. The units of resin or fibre density are not important so long as both are the same units. Some sample data for typical materials are shown below.

If you want to know the formulas for mass and volume fraction conversion then follow this link. When making a filament wound composite it is easy to get a value for fibre mass fraction. If you weigh the fibre bobbins before and after winding you have the mass of fibre and you can weight the final wound part. The mass faction is then mass of fibre divided by the part mass. The volume fraction is best made by calculation from mass fraction.

Densities for Common Materials

Material Density g/cm3 Density Kg/m3
Glass 2.6 2600
Carbon 1.8 1800
Kevlar 1.44 1440
Typical Epoxy resin 1.1 1100
Typical Polyester resin 1.1 1100
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