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If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we can help you. We have over 25 years experience in the design and developing of filament wound components for a wide range of industries and applications and can advise on all aspects of filament winding. In conjunction with out business partners we can offer a wide range of manufacturing facilities and can undertake prototype and small or large series production if required. Why try to re-invent the wheel? Talk to the experts!

TN GRP Pressure vessel (LPG) TN Rocket Motor TN Carbon Fibre Drive shaft TN Carbon Fibre Drive shaft TN Aero-Section Boat Mast TN Rocket Shape TN 90 Degree Swept Pipe Bend
Any type of winding can be undertaken, click on the thumbnail examples for larger images


Three CNC filament (Siemens Sinumerik control) winding machines with 4 axis are available for project work:

4 Axis Tank Winding - CNC Technics
4 Axis Tank winding (CNC Technics Pvt)
4 Axis 3 Spindle Winder - CNC Technics
Multi-Spindle 4 Axis, 4 Spindle (CNC Technics Pvt)

In addition to these high quality winding machines there is a wealth of ancillary equipment, curing ovens, rotating stations, hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydro-tester (static pressure tests) and cyclic pressure tester. Turning, milling and other machine shop facilities are also available for both large and small components. Small components can be rapidly sent via air carrier anywhere in the World.

If you would like to discuss a project please email us with your requirements via the contacts page and we will be happy to assist.

Updated: 02 October 2020